Criteria for Participation

No upper age limit.

Felina Fashion Pageant does not have an upper age limit. All participants who are considered adults in the country of their residence are welcome to participate.

No Marital status disclosure.

Felina Fashion Pageant does not differentiate between its participants on the basis of their marital status and welcomes all women (Unmarried, married, remarried, separated or divorced).

Only residential status required.

Felina Fashion Pageant does not require citizenship status from its participants. This provides the opportunity for refugees and other participants who do not have any confirmed citizenship to participate as well, as long as they can establish the status of their residence.

Multiple participation from any country or region

Unlike other beauty pageants, Felina Fashion Pageant has its own criteria of selecting participants from any region and country and this is not limited to only one participant from a region or country. If the selection team of Felina Fashion Pageant find more than one participant capable from the same Region or Country, they can participate in the pageant together.

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